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Rose quartz powers! natural healing with crystals

The Magical Crystal : Pink Rose Quartz Stone.

The quintessential stone of love, Rose Quartz has such loving and sweet energy. It would be perfect to place by your bed to bring peace to your dreams while you sleep!

Rose Quartz is the pink variety of quartz. It is found on every continent and its hardness is 7. The largest deposits come from Brazil, but much good material can also be found right here in the good old USA in South Dakota. The color of Rose Quartz color ranges from nearly white to a deep reddish pink. Clusters of crystals are very rare.

Love is not only the word, but also the emotion that vibrates most closely to Rose Quartz. In fact, Rose Quartz is the stone for the enhancement of love in all its forms, be it love for the self, for humanity, or for our lovely Mother Earth!
Rose Quartz is emotionally soothing and supportive. It vibrates in synch with the Heart Chakra, helping to heal pain and emotional trauma from old wounds. Its energy is soft and feminine and easily helps to relieve and release stresses as well as fears and anxiety.

Rose Quartz can help you to overcome negative feelings and replace them with positive, loving ones that help you to open to love on all levels.