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The properties of quartz and how to balance the energies of the human being

The properties of quartz and how to balance the energies of the human being

The properties of quartz have been known for centuries in all cultures and have been used in traditional ritual medicine ever since human beings can remember.

Quartz is the most abundant and frequent mineral in the earth’s crust after feldspar. It is composed of silica and can be transparent, white or colored. In general, quartz is a fusion of water and sand converted into crystals after millennia. Hence its strength and its quality to transmute and accumulate energy and release it at the necessary moment.

As a curiosity, it is interesting to know that beach sand can be composed of 95 percent quartz. These stand out for their hardness and resistance to weathering of the Earth’s surface.

Through all epochs and cultures we find the presence of quartz and stones in jewels and amulets. Today, the properties of quartz are widely not spread in society. Nowadays, quartz is not only in jewels. It is also in the technology of daily use; in our computers or mobile phones without going any further. Also in addition to microchips, in refrigeration with fluorite or in the use of rubies for lasers, in quartz watches, etc.

What you need to know about the properties of quartz crystals

The quartz crystals formed after a slow process of thousands of years in the interior of the earth, due to the high temperatures and enormous pressures. From a physical point, quartz is composed of a silicon atom and two of oxygen, which when combined, form silicon dioxide. The solid form of quartz is a consequence of the pressure and heat under the earth’s surface. When the quartz contains impurities the different types of quartz are formed. And according to their impurity has one or another energetic property and different color.

The Chinese and the Hindu cultures have used it for thousands of years and call quartz “living stone” because they feel its energetic movements and when placing it in the hand, its vibrations change in harmony with the person who has it; This means that there is a transfer of energy between the crystal and man. The crystals have the capacity to receive, store and release energies.

Each stone, quartz, metal, crystal or gem has some property or quality that distinguishes them and with that energy of that quality or property can help us in our daily life. Stones do not have the same effects on all people. The most important thing is to use intuition and feel them when you touch them, a stone acts depending on the energies of each person who uses them.

The attributions given to the stones is something global and very relative. Do not forget that your energy can not be measured.

These are the properties of quartz and energies that are recognized

to some of its stones or crystals:

Agate It is a quartz of high vibrations. Provides firmness and security. Absorbs negative energy It has a very positive influence for athletes. Contributes to emotional and physical balance.

Amazonite It is a stone that is recommended to drivers. Good for fears in general and for nervousness, also for insecure people. Useful for joints and lumbago. Works very well with anxiety.

Aquamarine It is used in the throat to improve its functions. At the same time it attracts clarity of thought, peace and self-control. Since ancient times it has been considered the stone of sailors, it was supposed to protect against all the diseases typical of those who made long trips by sea. Considered one of the most beneficial stones.

Aventurine It is known as good luck charm and is attributed powers such as absorbing negative energies and providing balance between mind and body. A talisman that brings happiness in an unforeseen way.

Amethyst It is a protective stone. Acts at the level of intuition, developing the third eye and awakening the states of consciousness. They have the ability to calm people’s anger and eliminate their negative emotions.

More natural stones and properties of quartz

Citrine A solar stone of great magnetism. It gives a strong personal power and helps creativity. Its vibration causes enthusiasm and dynamism. This stone attracts abundance.

Carnalina Stone very positive and even more so for those people who have difficulty concentrating and who are almost always mentally absent and confused in life. It grants courage and protects during sleep. Recommended for people with melancholy.

Crystal quartz or rock crystal. It is a receiver of energy, a transmitter and amplifier of vibrations at all levels. It helps concentration and mental visualization. Strengthens or enhances the use of other crystals. This quartz you can use for healing. It is credited with helping us with patience.

Rose quartz can give us confidence in ourselves. This quartz is for children who lacked love to balance their energy centers. It is also used to attract love. Acts with emotional balance and heart rate. It helps in dreams and drives away nightmares. Relieves stress and nervous tension. It promotes coexistence and reconciliation. Relax and bring harmony.

Some other quartz stones and properties

Smoky Quartz Symbolizes the divine light in the material plane. This quartz is very spiritual. It’s like when a door opens or a window and lets the sun’s rays come in. It is the quartz of the magicians since it dissolves negativity, leading us to understand and awaken in the universal consciousness of the here and now. This stone associates with the psychic plane. This quartz is the oldest in the world and is very wise.

Fluorite Helps in mental imbalances giving a new harmony to the person. It can help us in reconciliation and develop the intellect.

Hematite It is a cosmic shield, it repels all negative energy. It can help us to raise our self-esteem. It also helps blood circulation.

Jade Exercises a favorable energy in the place where it is. Associated with stability. Leave this stone it in a specific place because when you carry it on, it can bring us differences with our friends. It can help us with the kidneys.

Even more varieties of quartz and properties of quartz stones and minerals

Obsidian is a protective stone of great power. Stabilizes stray energies and exposes negative aspects of the person, which should change through exercises or practices aimed at restoring their balance. It also increases the seduction of the opposite sex. It promotes inner peace. Relieves bone pain and tradition says it helps the wounds to not get infected.

Tiger Eye It is a detoxifying, purifying and energizing. Tiger’s eye also attracts courage and trust. It favors the ability of observation and communication, and especially to the students during the exam period. This quartz mineral stone protects the health of children and helps improve angina and thyroid. Also, it protects from the evil eye.

Onyx It is a protective stone. It cleans the aura and where the place is clean. Therefore it is a cleansing and purifying stone as well as protective.

Turquoise It lengthens life and provides us with a peaceful death. Calm hatred and anger. Favorable to animals. It is common in Asia to see elephants wearing turquoises, formerly this was traditionally for horses. It is effective for headaches, to maintain youth on the skin and reach old age without ailments. In women it favors having healthy and intelligent children.

The properties of quartz

The quartz crystal absorbed energy from the Earth’s magnetic field for millennia, therefore it has the capacity to collect, accumulate and transmute cosmic energy. In addition, due to its piezoelectric capacity, it transmits to the human being negative ions that balance the cells of the organism, avoiding the degeneration of the same in the genetic transmission.

Because of this, they can be used both for the prevention and cure of some physical ailments (pains, nervous disorders, tissue regeneration) as well as for balance and harmony in the emotional and spiritual aspects since, by reaching in a subtle way our magnetic field or aura, begins to clean it of impurities and negative waves, offering our mind serenity and tranquility and enhancing our capacity for self-healing at the energetic level.


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