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The power of crystals – Judy Hall text

Shamanic Crystals Judy Hall Extracted from The Crystal Bible, New Crystals and Healing Stones and The Crystal Encyclopedia (l50 stones not in the Crystal Bible) Most shamanic crystals are high vibration stones that bring about multidimensional healing but these only work if your own vibrations are in harmony with the stone. If a crystal does not appear to work for you, hold it and gently concentrate on your palm. You may feel a tingle and your body will shift slightly as it attunes to the crystal. If so, persevere, sitting for ten minutes a day until the crystal begins to work. If not, choose another crystal. A high vibration crystal may bring about a strong reaction or healing challenge. If this occurs, remove the crystal immediately and hold a Green Phantom or Smoky Quartz point down towards your feet to facilitate the release of energy moving easily out of your body. Wait a day or two before using the high vibration crystal again. Brandenberg Chakra: all but especially the soma chakra – above the third eye at the hairline, and the past life chakras – behind the ears on the bony ridge. All Brandenbergs whether clear, smoky or amethyst, carry the vibration of each colour. A useful aid to multi-dimensional spiritual work, ‘inner windows’ or phantoms assist in looking within or traversing the spiritual planes and gently break old patterns and ties. This high-vibration crystal is an indispensable aid for healing and journeying, and for exploring the pure, eternal blueprint that lies behind existence. It returns a body to that purity of vibration and intention that came before any imprinting from earthly incarnations. Emanating infinite compassion to all of creation, Brandenberg brings about deep soul healing and forgiveness. This stone speeds recovery from illness or accident and is excellent for house clearing. A Smoky Brandenberg is the finest tool available for removing implants, attachments, spirit possession or mental influence and this is the stone par excellence for transformation or transition. 2 Other shamanic stones: Actinolite Chakra: heart, solar plexus, third eye Actinolite is an excellent stone for psychic shielding. Expanding the aura and crystallising its edges, this stone connects you to higher awareness and brings body, mind, psyche and spirit into balance. An effective aid to visualisation and imagery. Actinolite assists the body to adjust to changes or traumas. Aegirine Chakra: higher heart (thymus) An excellent crystal for generating and focussing energy beams for use in healing a person or environment, Aegerine removes emotional energy blockages and enhances positive vibrations. Extremely helpful in psychic attack or negative thinking, it repairs the aura after attachments have been removed and turns negative thoughts positive. This stone helps you see the bigger picture and Aegirine heals relationship problems and overcomes the grief of separation. Encouraging sincerity in all that you do, Aegirine empowers the quest for your true self and the ability to do what is needed from the heart. This stone encourages following your own truth without conforming to the ideas or ideals of others, or to group pressure, and focuses your goals wisely. Boosting the body’s self-healing systems, it enhances the healing energy of other crystals. Agrellite Chakra: third eye and higher crown. Agrellite surfaces things – fast. It shows where you have been attempting to control others and supports you in allowing them independence and self-respect. Bringing to your attention matters that you have repressed and buried deep within your psyche, and which are blocking your soul growth, it also helps you to face your own inner saboteur and to access untapped potential. This stone detects blockages within the physical or aura, to which it has a distinctive energetic response, although other crystals may be required to heal the condition 3 Ajoite Chakra: third eye, crown, links heart and throat An extremely high vibration and rare stone, Ajoite wraps the soul in universal love. If your vibrations are in harmony with this stone it brings about a profound spiritual revelation and serenity. A purifier for the emotional body and instilling infinite peace, Ajoite creates emotional and environmental calm, gently drawing out and transmuting toxic emotions and old grief. Worn over the thymus, it dissipates stress from the physical body and, harmonising the etheric blueprint with the physical body, attunes to a state of perfect health. Ajoite draws karmic wounds or implants out of the body no matter at what level or from which timeframe they originate, and gently heals the resulting space with unconditional love, reframing cellular memory. Ajoite with Shattuckite Chakra: higher heart or third eye An excellent energy conduit, this combination is one of the most powerful protections against electromagnetic smog and psychic attack. Creating a protective bubble around the aura that keeps you safe no matter where you may be, it enables you to remain open spiritually. In times of stress, wearing this stone allows you to experience profound peace and to remain centred in yourself. Karmically, Ajoite with Shattuckite assists the process of atonement, reconciliation and reparation, releasing the need for such acts where these have become a blockage to spiritual progress especially if a subtle carryover of past life mortification practises. It teaches the difference between atonement and at-onement and opens the way for the karma of grace to operate. Amblygonite Chakra: solar plexus, higher crown, opens and aligns all A useful stone for gently releasing emotional hooks from the solar plexus, Amblygonite assists in ending relationships without angry consequences. It can be used to grid areas of discordance or public disorder, bringing peace and tranquillity, especially where young people are involved. In healing, Amblygonite activates the electrical systems of the body and can be taped over the thymus to protect against computer emanations in those who are sensitive. 4 Amethyst Elestial Chakras: higher crown and upwards A ‘crystal of the angels’, an Amethyst Elestial is a very powerful healing stone. It works on the higher chakras, stimulates the pineal gland, and opens a connection to interplanetary beings, guides and helpers. Amethyst Elestial shows you the relevance and effects of your past life experiences on your present situation and removes resultant blockages. Dispersing negative energy from an alien or other source, it provides reassurance and calm. It is the perfect Elestial to support brain healing and to bring about multidimensional and cellular memory healing. Large Amethyst Elestials can be gridded around healing room to powerfully enhance the energies and provide a safe space in which to work. Amethyst Herkimer Chakra: higher heart and higher crown, third eye Herkimers are strongly energetic stones that facilitate conscious attunement to the highest spiritual dimensions. Fine-tuning the third eye, Amethyst Herkimer is a powerful metaphysical tool that facilitates soul retrieval from any lifetime, inducing deep core soul healing, and integrating all the disparate parts of the self. Freeing the incarnated soul of earthly burdens and aligning with other soul dimensions to cohere the soul as a vehicle for spirit, Amethyst Herkimers can bring about profound spiritual evolution. As with all Herkimers, this stone creates a powerful soul shield when journeying or meditating, and restores and purifies energy after undertaking any form of spiritual or healing work. It is perfect for programming to attract your twinflame and soul companions. Amethyst Spirit Quartz Chakra: Higher Crown Compassionate Amethyst Spirit Quartz facilitates transition to other states of being and accessing higher consciousness. At the higher crown chakras it brings about transmutation of prior misuses of spiritual power, facilitating multidimensional healing including soul parts not in incarnation. It can be programmed to assist from afar a soul who is facing death – and offers immense support and comfort throughout a terminal illness. Amethyst Spirit Quartz makes an excellent carrier for flower essences to gently dissolve karma, attitudes and emotions that would be detrimental if taken into the next world. An effective tool for spirit 5 releasement, it encourages a trapped soul to move towards the light, attracting guides for the journey. Holding the stone enables a practitioner to safely journey wherever may be necessary to release the soul and to ascertain whether there is anything that the soul needs completing before it moves on. Amethyst Phantom Quartz Chakra: past life, crown Meditating with Amethyst Phantom facilitates entry into the pre-birth state, accessing the soul plan for the present lifetime, evaluating progress made with spiritual lessons for the current incarnation, and renegotiates these if no longer appropriate. Facilitating travelling to a high vibration, Amethyst Phantom remove implants that operate multi- dimensionally, healing the etheric or spiritual blueprint and reprogramming cellular memory so that the physical body can raise its vibrations. It transports you back into lives where you were priest or priestess to access your spiritual wisdom. Ametrine Chakra: all Ametrine is particularly useful in long standing illness as it brings insight into causes of dis-ease. Ametrine connects the physical realm with higher consciousness. This stone facilitates and protects during astral travel and relieves psychic attack. Ammolite Chakra: third eye and soma A powerful earth healing stone, Ammolite contains the wisdom of the ancients and was worn on the forehead for consciousness activation, metaphysical powers and interdimensional exploration. It is particularly effective when placed on the soma chakra. Representing coming full circle, Ammolite takes you into your centre and into completion. Activating your own personal empowerment, it converts negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral. Ammolite relieves birth trauma affecting the cranio-sacral flow and is helpful in all cranio-sacral work. A powerful karmic cleanser, it releases mental obsessions. 6 Andean Blue Opal Chakra: throat, heart, higher heart (thymus), third eye Andean Blue Opal is particularly useful for healing old emotional wounds, from this life or another. An excellent journeying stone, Andean Opal creates a relaxed, receptive state and can induce mild hypnotic trance, enhancing divination. Increasing awareness of the need for healing the earth, this is a useful tool for facilitating that healing and for those who manifest and transmute the changing vibration through their own physical or subtle body. Angelite Chakra: Third eye Angelite is one of the ‘stones of awareness’ for the new age. As its name suggests, it facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. It enhances telepathic communication and enables out of body journeys to take place whilst still in contact with everyday reality. Angelite is a powerful stone for healers as it deepens attunement and heightens perception. It also provides protection for the environment or the body, especially when taken as an elixir. Annabergite Chakra: third eye, soma Annabergte brings with it the knowledge that everything is perfect exactly as it is, showing you the harmony of your highest self and opening all possibilities especially for healing. Placed on the third eye, this mystical stone is excellent for enhancing visualisation and intuition, and for bringing contact with wise masters of the universe. Placed on the soma chakra, it enables you to know who you truly are and to reflect this out to the world. Aligning the aura and strengthening the biomagnetic energies, Annabergite enhances the flow of energy in the physical meridians and harmonizes these with the earth’s meridian grid, facilitating multidimensional cellular healing. Apple Aura Quartz Chakra: Spleen Apple Aura Quartz is an excellent protector for the spleen when worn over the base of the sternum, or taped over the spleen chakra, as it cuts multidimensional energy drains and overcomes the psychic vampirism created when someone draws 7 on your energies without permission. It can also assist in cutting ties with previous partners or mentors who retain a powerful mental or emotional hold. Astrophyllite Chakra: higher crown (l4th) Astrophyllite is an excellent stone for promoting out of body experiences, acting as a guide and protector in other realms, but it also assists in standing outside oneself for an objective view. This stone introduces you to your full potential encouraging you to recognise that you have no limits. Astrophyllite activates your dreams and enables you to ‘dream true’ to see your soul path. Said to increase the sensitivity of touch and to improve the faculty of perception, Astrophyllite is helpful for those undergoing training in massage or acupressure, especially as it makes you more sensitive to other people’s unspoken needs. Atacamite Chakra: third eye Atacamite forcefully opens the third eye, creating powerful visual images and a strong spiritual connection. Despite its forcefulness, it is a very safe crystal to use to stimulate spiritual vision and aid visualisation. It is a stone of great clarity. Used in meditation, it takes the soul safely to the highest possible levels. Atacamite restores lost spiritual trust and disconnection, and promotes a connection to higher guidance. It is a useful stone to hold when journeying out of the body, especially to the higher spiritual spheres. Atlantasite Chakra: clears all, especially higher crown, crown, soma and heart Atlantasite is said to access past lives in Atlantis and to support in completing projects set in motion at that time. It aids those who misused their spiritual powers at that, or any other, time and stimulates spiritual evolution. It brings enormous peace into the environment and, buried in the earth, undertakes earth clearing and energy restructuring in a place where there has been death and destruction. This stone is helpful for gently encouraging children to modify inappropriate behaviour. 8 Avalonite (Drusy Blue Chalcedony) Chakras: links sacral and heart Avalonite accesses the collective unconscious and mythical realms where fairy tales and legend offer deep wisdom, acting as translator and facilitator for creatively reworking the myths in your life. Contacting fairies, elves and devas, it links into ancient magic. Use Avalonite to harmonize the emotional, mental and spiritual wisdom at the centre of your being. Following the contours enhancing visualisation, opening psychic awareness, and telepathy between soul partners. If you wish to contact your wise woman or priestess incarnations, the depths of Avalonite gently transport you into your past. Enhancing practical wisdom and presence of mind, especially when faced with new situations, this stone is perfect for those who fear to love, or who fear failure, as it opens the heart and allows you to discover the perfection of your true self and recognise that you are never alone. Avalonite absorbs negative energy and transmutes it to prevent onward transmission but requires regular cleansing and re-charging. Beneficial for: sensitivity to weather or pressure changes Azurite Chakra: third eye, crown Azurite guides psychic and intuitive development. It urges the soul towards enlightenment. It cleanses and stimulates the third eye and attunes to spiritual guidance. This crystal enables journeys out of the body to take place easily and safely. It raises consciousness to a higher level and gives greater control over spiritual unfoldment. It facilitates entering a meditative and channelling state. Azurite is a powerful healing stone, facilitating psychosomatic understanding of the effect of the mind and emotions on the body. Barite Chakra: heart, throat Reputedly used by Native Americans to journey from the physical to the spiritual worlds, Barite stimulates dreaming and dream recall. If anonymity and stealth are required for ritual working, Barite confers this. This stone assists in communicating your intuitive vision and heightens ability to organise and express your thoughts. A powerful transformer, it may bring about a catharsis in which old 9 emotional patterns, hatreds and fears are thrown off – other crystals may be required to restore equilibrium. Black Kyanite Chakras: aligns and grounds all A potent tool for fully incarnating into earth life and for moving into the between-life state to access the current lifeplan, and other lives if necessary, Black Kyanite can view the karma you are currently creating by showing in a future life results of choices made now, and can assist in foreseeing the outcome of a plan. A particularly powerful stone for psychological and auric cleansing that never needs cleaning, used like a wand, the striations rapidly move negativity out of the subtle bodies, aligning and grounding the chakras, and draw dis-ease and stagnant energy from the physical body replenishing it with positive energy and reprogrammed cellular memory. With strong links to the earth, Black Kyanite supports environmentalism and connects with those who are assisting the evolution of the planet. It is said to keep cells connected to the overall divine blueprint to maintain health. Black Calcite Chakra: past life (behind the ears) Black Calcite is a record keeper stone for regression and regaining memories so that the past can be released. It returns the soul to the body after trauma or stress, alleviates black depression, and is a useful companion during a dark night of the soul. Black Obsidian Chakra: past life, earth and base Black Obsidian grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane, bringing them under the direction of the conscious will and making it possible to manifest spiritual energies on earth. Black Obsidian forces facing up to one’s true self, taking you deep into the subconscious mind in the process. It brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface for release, highlighting hidden factors. It magnifies all negative energies so that they can be fully experienced and then released. This healing effect goes back into past lives, and can work on the ancestral 10 and family line. Black Obsidian composts the past to make fertile energy for growth of the soul. It reverses previous misuse of power and addresses power issues on all levels, teaching that to be empowered is not to wield personal power but rather to channel power for the good of all. Black Obsidian is protective, it repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. It facilitates the release of old loves and provides support during change. Used in shamanic ceremonies to remove physical disorders, Black Obsidian also has the gift of prophesy. In healing, a Black Obsidian placed on the navel grounds spiritual energy into the body. Held briefly above the third eye it breaks through mental barriers and dissolves mental conditioning. Used with care, it can draw together scattered energy and promote emotional release. Blue Aragonite Chakra: third eye, throat, heart A powerful energy conduit, it both heightens and grounds spiritual communication and aligns all the subtle bodes with the physical. It is a powerful earth and soul healer and can be gridded around houses to keep the environment stable and harmonious. Blue Aragonite is excellent for inner child work and for manifesting your soul plan for the present life. Blue Jasper Chakra: throat Blue Jasper connects you to the spiritual world. It stimulates the throat chakra, balances yin-yang energy, and stablizes the aura. Blue Phantom Quartz Chakra: Throat Number: 77 Blue Quartz Phantom is excellent for enhancing telepathic communication between people on the earth, or between earth and the spiritual realms, assisting you to traverse different dimensions and bring back knowledge from those realms. 11 Blue Obsidian Chakra: third eye, throat Blue Obsidian aids astral travel, facilitates divination, and enhances telepathy. It activates the throat chakra and supports communication skills. In healing, Blue Obsidian opens the aura to receive healing energy. Boji Stones Boji Stones are one of the most effective grounding and protection stones. They gently but firmly return you to earth and into your body, grounding you in the present moment, especially after work in other spiritual realities. They are extremely useful for people who find it difficult to have more than a toehold in incarnation. Boji Stones can also help you to explore the shamanic otherworlds. Bornite Chakra: third eye, crown, actives and synthesises all Fostering concern about all beings on the planet, opening psychic abilities and enhancing inner knowing, Bornite teaches trust in the intuitive process. Assisting with visualisation and creating your own reality, Bornite can be programmed to send or receive healing from a distance – in which case it should be carried or worn over the thymus (preferably set in silver). Bornite is an excellent tool during any kind of rebirthing work or traumatic situation. Integrating mind, body, emotions and soul, it filters out what is no longer relevant. An excellent protection against negativity, which it transmutes, Bornite assists in identifying the source of detrimental thoughts so that they can be eliminated. Bornite on Silver Chakra: third eye Bornite on Silver reinforces the silver cord that connects the astral body the physical, ensuring safe return whenever and wherever you journey. It is particularly useful for accessing and reframing the cause of third eye blockages especially where these have been deliberately proscribed in the past and facilitates cellular memory reprogramming. Botswana and Grey-banded Agate Chakra: crown, soma, third eye 12 Placed on the third eye, Banded Agate quickly cuts mental cords to a guru, partner or parent who capitalizes on a past connection to retain manipulative control in the present. It is excellent for replenishing energy lost in such situations as it draws on a higher life force and protects the aura. This is an excellent healer for reprogramming cellular memory especially where there has been mortification of the flesh, emotions or spirit. Gridded around a house, it prevents out of body visitations from another soul. Its bands take you travelling, into another reality, different streams of consciousness, or other lives and is extremely effective for multidimensional healing and soul work. Banded Agate stimulates the crown chakra, bringing celestial and earth energy into the auric field and harmonising the physical body with the subtle bodies. Bronzite Chakra: activates and synthesises all Bronzite is a protective, grounding crystal that is helpful in discordant situations where you feel powerless and in the grip of events beyond your control, it allows you simply to ‘be’, entering a dynamic state of non-action, non-doing. Bronzite is marketed as being particularly effective against curses. However, traditionally iron-bearing crystals, such as Bronzite, return ill-wishing, curses or spells back to the source magnified three times over. This perpetuates the curse as it bounces backwards and forwards becoming stronger each time unless intercepted so you need to put in place something to absorb the curse or use Black Tourmaline. Bustamite Chakra: base and sacral, heart and third eye, aligns all. A powerful energy worker, Bustamite provides deep connection to the earth and facilitates earth healing, realigning the meridians of the earth’s etheric body and is an excellent stone for gridding out a safe space in which to carry out ritual work, initiation or meditation. Realigning the energy meridians of the physical and subtle bodies, at the emotional level it removes old pain harmonising the emotional energy system and healing cellular memory. Stimulating conscious dreaming and intuition, Bustamite enhances channelling and accesses the angelic realms. Cacoxenite Chakra: third eye, crown 13 One of the stones of ascension, Cacoxenite heightens spiritual awareness and assists planetary alignments to stimulate the vibratory evolution of earth. Used in meditation or past life regression, Cacoxenite takes you to the core soul memories into which insight is essential for present day spiritual evolution to occur. This crystal heightens the power of full or new moon rituals. Candle Quartz Chakra: all Said to be a light bringer for the planet and those who have incarnated to assist earth and those upon it shift vibration, Candle Quartz highlights soul purpose and focuses your life path, assisting in putting ancient knowledge into practice and bringing your guardian angel closer. Candle Quartz can be programmed to attract spiritual abundance or to bring light into your home. If you find physical incarnation uncomfortable, Candle Quartz makes you feel good about your body. Candle Quartz is helpful in understanding how the physical body can be damaged by emotional or mental distress and reprograms cellular memory. Instilling clarity, it assists in looking within to find your truth and can be used as a scrying stone for personal illumination. Cavansite Chakra: Third eye, throat, past life Encouraging conscious astral journeying, Cavansite facilitates past life exploration, reframing trauma at source so that it does not manifest in the present. Enhancing cellular healing, Cavansite shields a healer or past life therapist during a session. Safeguarding your home or ca Celestobarite Chakra: solar plexus, base and crown Celestobarite is a shamanic oracle that shows you both sides of the coin, elucidating issues that are not clear, but leaving you to decide what to believe. This stone has a ‘joker’, coyote, energy that presents the dark side in a joyful way and reminds us that nothing stays the same. Its Janus face looks to past, present and future and explores the multidimensional layers of being. With strong shielding energy, this is an excellent journeying stone that holds you suspended between the 14 base and crown chakras and takes you safely into the shamanic middle world that lies parallel to the everyday world in which reside soul aspects and entities. Celestobarite cuts through edges and takes you to the edge and beyond. Cerussite Cerussite is an excellent grounding stone that assists in feeling comfortable within the environment. It is extremely useful for people who feel that the earth is not their natural home as it ameliorates ‘homesickness’ and makes the soul feel at home wherever it finds itself. Cerussite may form as a star shaped crystal or as a record keeper. These precious stones attune to higher wisdom and karmic purpose. Meditating reveals the unique secrets they hold for you. The star shape is said to aid extra terrestrial contact. Cerussite helps explore past lives that were not on earth and aids in recognising people from past lives and the place they hold in the present life. It explains why you chose to come to earth, the lessons you are learning, the task you have to do and the gifts you bring to aid the evolution of humanity. This stone assists in letting go of the past and its effects. Charoite Charoite is a stone of transformation. It is the soul stone that overcomes fear. Charoite stimulates inner vision and spiritual insight and aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. To facilitate this it synthesises the heart and crown chakras, cleanses the aura, and stimulates unconditional love. Charoite aids vibrational change and links to higher realities Chevron Amethyst Chakra: Third eye Chevron Amethyst is one of the best third eye stimulators. It enhances inner and outer vision, and out of body journeys. It has powerfully focussed energy that dissipates and repels negativity. This stone cleanses the aura and aids in auric diagnosis. It has a strong healing field, bringing harmony to the organs of the body and stimulating the immune system. 15 Citrine Herkimer Chakra: solar plexus, heart Citrine Herkimer clears away poverty consciousness and the ingrained programmes and beliefs that keep you mired in poverty, opening the way to abundance and enhancing motivation. A powerful cleanser and regenerator, this is an excellent stone for enhancing earth energies, making them sparkle, and for encouraging the ethical harvesting of the riches and resources of the environment. Placed in the ground, Citrine Herkimer purifies the creative force and encourages abundant fertility in all that grows. Worn around the neck, Citrine Herkimer is a powerful protector for the aura, subtle bodies and chakras. It can be helpful in cleansing and realigning cellular memory. Citrine Spirit Quartz Chakra: earth and solar plexus Citrine Spirit Quartz brings about purification of intent and is particularly useful for accessing abundance whilst at the same time releasing any dependence on, or attachment to, material things. Promoting self-awareness, it purifies and cleanses the aura. Citrine Spirit Quartz assists you to stand centred in your power and to direct your life from that place. Used in grids, Citrine Spirit Quartz protects a house against electromagnetic smog or geopathic stress and heals disturbed earth energies. Citrine Spirit Quartz assists in conflict resolution and can be programmed to send forgiveness to those you feel have wronged you, or to ask for forgiveness. Chalcopyrite Chakra: Crown Chalcopyrite is said to put you through ‘the fires of truth’. An excellent aid to achieving the state of ‘no mind’ required for deep meditation and contemplation of the perfection of the universe, it assists in assimilating spiritual knowledge, linking you to ancient civilisations or the cause of present life difficulties or diseases. A powerful energy conduit, Chalcopyrite supports during Tai Chi and is excellent for heightening acupuncture or acupressure as it dissolves energy blockages and enhances the movement of Qi around the body, stabilising cell energy as higher frequencies are integrated 16 Chrysotile (Chrysotite) Chakra: third eye If you angle Chrysotile, it is possible to see ancient writing inscribed upon it that links you to the knowledge of the ages and, below that, your power animal waiting to make itself known so that you can embody it. This deeply shamanic stone assists you to clear away the debris of the past to reveal your core self. It also shows you where you seek to control others, assisting you to let that go whilst steering your own destiny. In healing, placed over the thymus, Chrysotile works on the etheric blueprint to correct imbalances and blockages that could manifest as physical disease and to heal cellular memory. Covellite Chakra: third eye, sacral, solar plexus Covellite opens a doorway to the past and to the wisdom you acquired at that time. It also helps you to release anything holding you in the past, particularly ingrained beliefs or cellular programs. Covellite facilitates the flow of energy through cells. It harmonizes body, mind and soul and helps you to love yourself unconditionally whilst eliminating vanity. Creedite Chakra: throat, crown Creedite attunes you to a high spiritual vibration and assists in clarifying channelled messages and impressions received from the higher planes. Said to assist in linking to the universal wisdom embodied in ancient texts, it enhances communication and understanding of wisdom at any level. Creedite facilitates out of body experiences, guiding the soul to its destination and promoting total recall of the experience. Orange Creedite imparts urgency to spiritual evolution, speeding up the ability to move between multidimensional levels of consciousness and attuning the physical body to the changing vibration. Danburite Danburite is an excellent stone for facilitating deep change and for leaving the past behind. It can act as a karmic cleanser particularly for the heart, releasing miasms and mental imperatives that have been carried forward. It starts the soul off 17 on a new direction. Placed by the bedside, this crystal can accompany the dying on their journey beyond death, enabling a conscious spiritual transition to take place. Datolite Chakra: heart, third eye, crown When meditated with, Datolite facilitates the retrieval of information encoded in the subtle DNA, retrieving ancestral patterns and events, and the soul and far memory. Desirite Chakra: all A rare stone, Desirite has been designated the ‘as above so below’ stone, personifying the ancient astrological and alchemical doctrine of correspondence. This strongly grounding phantom nevertheless takes you to a very high vibration. Rubbing your thumb up the crystal takes you into profound meditative states, each level can be accessed successively, the first linking to Native America and Lemuria and the phantoms acting like lift stops. Desirite is excellent for angel and ascended master work and for accessing lives far back in the history of the planet. Resonating to the master number 44, it leads into metamorphosis and multidimensional transmutation, and a re-cognition of the interweaving of the divine with the spiritual. Desirite does not work well as part of a healing layout, it is best used alone or to align and rebalance after a healing session or to facilitate cellular memory reframing. Dumortierite Chakra: past life, throat, third eye, soma Dumortierite makes you more receptive when communicating with angelic or spirit guides and sees the worth in each human being. Placed immediately behind the ear, it opens clairaudience. An excellent stone for past life work, Dumortierite takes you to the beginning of your soul journey to examine the soul contracts and agreements made over aeons of time, renegotiating these if no longer applicable. Placed on the soma or past life chakras, it stimulates recall, assists the breaking of old ties that no longer serve, and facilitates rescinding vows. Showing you your archetypal spiritual self, it reconnects to your innate wisdom. Dumortierite is particularly useful for identifying and releasing past life cause of dis-ease, difficult 18 circumstances or relationships in the present life, and the patterns that underlie addictions and compulsions so that cellular memory can be programmed. Epidote Chakra: heart Not everyone responds to Epidote but it is said to increase spiritual attunement and to remove ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening. Its regenerative effect may create a powerful detoxification of negative energy from the aura, which can be experienced as a once-and-for-all catharsis or abreaction that clears the emotional blueprint and cellular memory. Eilat Stone Chakra: higher heart, heart and throat Flushing out hurt and loss, it removes detritus and toxins created from soulshattering events in current or previous lives, Eilat stone cleanses the thymus. Bringing about acceptance and inner reconciliation, it calls the fragments home and wipes the Akashic Record clean, reprogramming soul and cellular memory. Eudialyte Chakra: heart, links base and heart, opens and aligns all A personal power stone imbued with life force, Eudialyte expedites profound change and assists in learning from apparent mistakes. If you are angry at God, Eudialyte brings about reconciliation. Connecting spirit and mind with the emotional body, it brings about reorientation of your inner being. This stone draws together soul-companions and throws light into the reason for the reunion. Elestial Quartz (see different types) Chakra: crown, bridges the flow of energy between all. A stone of change and transformation, Elestial Quartz turns confusion into illumination and sets you on your life path. Connecting to the eternal self, it links to the divine and higher planes of guidance, and opens spiritual gifts. Excellent for attuning to the eternal knowledge at the heart of the universe and within one’s own soul, this crystal takes you into other lives to understand your karma or deep into your self to give insight into evolutionary soul processes at work. It facilitates deep 19 karmic release and brings about core soul healing and regenerates cellular memory. Smoky Elestial is particularly useful for gridding rooms to maintain a clean energy space and Amethyst Elestial for creating a safe and high vibrational spiritual working space. Faden Quartz Chakra: opens all, especially crown and past life Faden Quartz enhances self-healing and personal growth, purifies the aura and harmonizes chakra energy flow. Excellent for communication during the healing process, Faden Quartz unifies the self, encouraging fragmented soul parts to reintegrate. When working at a distance, Faden Quartz connects healer and patient. The thread simulates the ‘silver cord’ attaching the etheric body to the physical during out of body experiences, and protects during journeying. Faden Quartz provides a link to the higher self when seeking answers. Helpful during past life regression, especially between lives, it overviews soul lessons and root causes of disease. A gap bridger, this crystal attunes the energies of a group, particularly if the intention is to heal something ‘broken’ or overcome conflict. If you are suffering from intense internal trauma, Faden Quartz gives you strength to overcome. It can be used to grid areas of unstable earth or physical energy. Fairy Quartz Fairy Quartz is a less ethereal stone than Spirit Quartz, the crystals along the laser point being tiny and less prominent and its vibrations more earthly but it nevertheless carries the vibration of Spirit Quartz. Rather than high spiritual dimensions, it links into the Faery kingdom and contacts planetary and earth devas, assisting you to unravel your family myths and the ancestral or cultural stories in which you are locked and reframe these where appropriate. This is a useful stone for families as it soothes the home environment, removes emotional pain and quietens children after nightmares. Fairy Quartz can be used as a wand to draw out emotional or physical dis-ease or to introduce healing energy into the body, especially that of a child. This stone is perfect for programming to manifest the desires of your creative inner child. 20 Fenster Quartz Chakra: all Fenster Quartz is an excellent tool for sending healing light and for energy work that requires a high vibration. The natural etched triangle formations within the planes of Fenster Quartz can be traversed as an inner landscape for insight or meditation. This stone stimulates clairvoyance (clear seeing) and assists in healing dysfunctional patterns and outgrown emotions. It throws light on the past life or childhood causes of addiction and assists in removing them, letting go the need for ‘more’ that so often leads to obsessions and compulsions of all kinds and reprogramming cellular memory. It is also beneficial for conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder or Tourette’s Syndrome. Flame Aura Spirit Quartz Flame Aura Spirit Quartz brings about a profound multidimensional energy shift, drawing kundalini energy up the spine and through all the subtle bodies. This crystal mediates its effect to provide what each individual soul needs for its evolution. With its powerful violet emanation, it harmonizes all the rays and the astrological chart. This stone assists you to ‘read’ people. Flame Aura Quartz is a powerful initiation tool. Fuchsite Fuchsite deals with issues of servitude from past or present lives and reverses a tendency towards martyrdom. It is excellent for those who instantly fall into saviour or rescuer mode, whether it be to save one person or the whole, and who then quickly become a victim. It shows how to be of service without becoming embroiled in power struggles or false humility. Fuchsite shows how to do only what is appropriate and necessary for someone else’s soul growth and to stand by placidly whilst they learn their own lessons. It combines unconditional love with the tough love that no longer facilitates a condition in which one appears to be ‘helping’ and in so doing receives great psychological satisfaction. Fuchsite releases both souls to their own unique pathway. It is particularly helpful for ‘the identified patient’ within a family or group situation on who dis-ease and tension is projected. Fuchsite gives the identified patient the strength to find wellness and to withdraw from the family conflict. Fuchsite overcomes co-dependency and emotional blackmail. 21 Gaia Stone Chakra: Earth, heart, harmonizes all Gaia Stone is said to link to the devas and the anima terra, the soul of the earth. Use it to journey to the inner worlds of the earth and yourself. Girasol (Blue Opal) Chakra: third eye An excellent visioning stone that reveals solutions to current difficulties especially where these are created by something that could not be spoken about in the past, or was suppressed through lack of confidence, Girasol enhances connections between souls and shows how these can be beneficial in the present life. Pinpointing your hidden feelings and the psychic impressions you may inadvertently pick up, it helps you to know the deeper causes of discontent, strengthens your boundaries and is extremely useful when past life experiences or injuries are affecting the present life. These can be healed through the etheric blueprint as Girasol dissolves the ‘scars’, allowing the physical body to release the condition and cellular memory to heal. Goethite Chakra: clears base and aligns all. Goethite resonates to the master number 44, the number of metamorphosis and transmutation. This angel-attuned stone creates profound stillness that takes you to a point of non-action and non-doing. Conversely, it supplies the energy necessary for discovery and exploration of the human journey – and enjoyment of the process. Increasing divinatory powers, Goethite illuminates the future where this is helpful for your soul journey and allows you to attune to the note of the earth. Golden Enhydro Herkimer Chakra: solar plexus, third eyes, crown and higher crown Containing bubbles of liquid millions of years old, Enhydros symbolise the collective unconscious underlying and uniting everything, bringing about deep emotional healing and transmutation. Golden Enhydro Herkimer is a rare stone that is incredibly energetic. An excellent developer spiritual gifts that stimulates the third eye, clearing implants eye and removing restrictions placed on spiritual sight in this 22 or any other life, it takes you straight to the ages-old wisdom of the Himalayas. A powerful healer for the solar plexus and for emotional disturbances that have been carried over many lifetimes, Golden Enhydro cleanses the emotional body and blueprint, creating emotional wellbeing. This stone eliminates gender confusion or ambivalence in those who have changed sex from one incarnation to another. Green Phantom Quartz Chakra: Earth, base, solar plexus, heart, third eye, spleen Absorbing negativity and environmental pollutants, Chlorite-included Green Phantom Quartz clears a build up of stagnant energy anywhere in the body or environment. A large Chlorite Phantom placed point down in a lavatory cistern energetically cleanses the whole house. This stone can assist with the removal of energy implants, accessing their source in this or any other lifetime. Chlorite has strong associations with nature and with mother earth. Halite Chakra: Crown (varies according to colour) Halite is a stone of purification, symbolising spiritual discernment and stimulating multidimensional evolution. Protecting against negative energies, entity attachment or psychic attack, Halite dissolves old behaviour patterns, negative thoughts. Affording effective protection at all times, Halite is said to prevent inadvertent spirit possession. Pink Halite is a useful tool for detaching entities and spirit possessions at all levels, and for preventing reattachment, or attachment of new. Blue Halite opens the metaphysical gates, heightens intuition and encourages mystical awareness. This stone is extremely useful for reprogramming a distorted vision of reality and for cleansing mental attachments or undue influence from the third eye. Hematite Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting. It harmonizes mind body and spirit. Used during out of body journeying, it protects the soul and grounds it back into the body. 23 Hemimorphite Chakra: higher heart, higher crown, solar plexus, past life Hemimorphite encourages the raising of the body’s vibrations and communication with the highest spiritual levels and multidimensions. This crystal facilitates self-development in the quickest way possible so it is unlikely to create a smooth passage through life. A stone of personal responsibility, it links you to your higher self, encouraging acceptance for your own happiness or dis-ease, and teaches that you create your own reality through thoughts and attitudes. It also helps you to recognise where you fall under outside influences that do not accord with your own soul-view, and to release from these. Hematoid Calcite Chakra: higher crown, solar plexus, base Hematoid Calcite is an excellent stone if you experience an influx of energy that needs grounding and assimilating. Simply hold it or place over the base chakra for five or ten minutes or until the energy stabilises. Icicle Calcite Chakra: solar plexus, third eye, clears all Icicle Calcite is a guidance crystal that increases the ability to see things in a new way and fires your creativity. Icicle Calcite is a powerful amplifier of energy with strong purifying and cleansing properties that quickly remove stagnant energies. The white portion of Icicle Calcite can be used like a wand to pull multidimensional dis-ease, disharmony or blockages from the body and, once the crystal has been cleansed, the resulting ‘hole’ can be repaired and re-energised with the orange portion. . Indicolite Quartz Chakra: third eye, throat Indicolite Quartz has inclusions of Blue Tourmaline and meditating with it puts you in touch with your life purpose and your spiritual helpers. An excellent stone for stimulating out of body experiences and for journeying through different realms of consciousness, Indicolite Quartz transports you to very high vibration indeed and offers you an overview of your lives and insight into why you have chosen to incarnate again. This stone is ideal for healers as it prevents negativity 24 from sticking and assists in diagnosis and location of the site of dis-ease: the crystal ‘jumps’ when it reaches the point of greatest disharmony. This stone should be placed anywhere there is dis-ease or congestion and cleansed frequently. It is an excellent healer for cellular memory. Iolite Chakra: third eye Iolite is a vision stone. It activates the third eye and facilitates visualisation and intuitive insight when all the chakras are in alignment. It is used in shamanic ceremonies and aids journeys out of the body. In contact with the auric field, Iolite gives off an electrical charge that re-energies the field and aligns with the subtle bodies. Jasper Chakra: depends on colour Jasper aligns the chakras and can be used in chakra layouts. Each colour is appropriate to a specific chakra. It facilitates shamanic journeys and dream recall. Jasper provides protection and grounds energies and the body, absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakras and the aura. Jasper balances yin and yang and aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm. It clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution including radiation, and aids dowsing. Kunzite Kunzite is a protective stone, working on the individual and the environment. It has the power to dispel negativity. This stone shields from unwanted energies, providing a protective sheath around the aura, and dispels attached entities and mental influences from the aura. It imparts the ability to be self contained even within a the crowd. It strengthens the energy field around the body. Clear Kunzite aids soul retrieval work. It facilitates the journey back to the site of the soul loss and can be used as the receptacle for the soul until it is reintegrated into the body. Yellow Kunzite Clears aligns the chakras, restructures DNA, stabilizes the cellular blueprint. Lilac Kunzite is a Celestial Doorway and a symbol of infinity. It aids transition for the dying, imparting the knowledge the departing soul requires, helping them move over into enlightenment. Lilac Kunzite breaks through the 25 barriers of time into the infinite. Hiddenite (Green Kunzite) connects to other worlds to assist the transfer of knowledge from the higher realms. In healing, Hiddenite aids diagnosis when gently ‘combed’ over the body, showing areas of weakness, coldness and dis-ease. Labradorite Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Labradorite deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. It forms a barrier to negative energies shed during therapy. It can take you into another world or into other lives. A stone of esoteric knowledge, it facilitates initiation into the mysteries. Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies and accesses spiritual purpose. It raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies into the physical body. This stone stimulates the intuition and psychic gifts including ‘right timing’, bringing messages from the unconscious mind to the surface, aiding their understanding. Psychologically, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities and the psychic debris from previous disappointments – including past lives. It removes other people’s projections, including thought forms that have hooked into the aura. This stone brings up suppressed memories from the past. A stone of transformation, it prepares body and soul for the ascension process. Lavender Quartz Chakra: heart, throat, brow and higher crown Lavender Quartz raises the vibration of Rose Quartz to an even higher spiritual connection. An excellent stimulator for metaphysical gifts and for interdimensional communication, it takes meditation to a new high. A stone of self re-membering and heightened self-awareness, it enables recall of what you do in all dimensions of consciousness and re-membering the vast spectrum of your spiritual self. Lavender Quartz brings about profound emotional and multidimensional healing. Lavender-Violet Smithsonite Lavender-Violet Smithsonite clears negative energy, aids joyful spiritual service and higher states of consciousness, giving guidance and protection. It is an 26 excellent stone for meditation and soul retrieval and aids going back into past lives to regain soul energy that did not make the transition away from a past life death. In this respect, it can heal past life death trauma and point the way to soul healing. Lepidolite Chakra: throat, heart, third-eye and crown When Lepidolite takes mica-like form its properties are greatly amplified and this is the most efficient ‘mopping up’ tool. Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good. It dissipates negativity, activates and opens the throat, heart, third-eye and crown chakras, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness. This stone aids in shamanic or spiritual journeying and accesses the Akashic Record. It tunes you in to thoughts and feelings from other lives that are creating a blockage in your life now. It can take you forward into the future. Leopardskin Jasper Chakra: base, heart, crown Leopardskin Jasper is said to be redressing the balance between light and dark, recognising the value of dark as a complement to light rather than its enemy. It is a shape shifter’s stone. Extremely helpful in assisting fulfilling karmic agreements or soul contracts made before incarnating, if those contracts are no longer appropriate this stone assists you to rescind or renegotiate the terms and intent. Leopardskin Jasper shuts off outer vision, focussing perception, and insists you listen your own inner voice. Conversely, by mirroring the outside world back to you, Leopardskin Jasper clears ingrained assumptions and teaches you to see what is, assessing your situation more clearly. 27 Leopardskin Agate An energetic cleansing and stabilising stone, Leopardskin Agate is beneficial for healers and counsellors who find themselves becoming over-involved with their patients or taking on their conditions as it promotes objectivity and detachment. It also protects against burnout and offers you and your patient pure unconditional love. This stone is particularly useful for working through heavy emotional baggage, whether at a personal or cultural level and it helps to adjust to the political challenges of the modern world. If you seek to become a shapeshifter or a shaman, Leopardskin Agate can assist. Leopardskin Serpentine Chakra: third eye, soma, past life Leopardskin Serpentine is a tactile stone that responds to holding rather than placement on the body. A shamanic stone, it assists you to access Leopard energy and to travel with the Leopard as a power or healing animal, or to shapeshift. As such, it is of enormous assistance in reclaiming power especially where this has been misplaced in previous lives or in other dimensions. With its powerful grounding energy, Leopardskin Serpentine keeps you earthed whilst undertaking otherworld journeys and facilitates trancework and meditation, opening a direct channel to spiritual guidance. It offers insights into why you are living the life you are and assists with any adjustments that may be necessary to align with your soul plan for the present lifetime. Lepidocrocite in Quartz or Amethyst Chakra: all A manifestation empowerment stone taking you beyond time and space to communicate with angelic realms, Lepidocrocite in Quartz assists with astral journeying by maintaining contact, via the silver cord, between the physical and etheric bodies. Protecting the soul as it travels, it ensures a smooth return, and enables insights to be brought consciously into the physical body. Lepidocrocite in Quartz strengthens awareness of all the bodies, harmonizing the physical, etheric and biomagnetic sheaths. Used with awareness, this combination takes you forward into the future to see the effects of present actions or to the highest levels of being to meet your true self. Dissolving false self-image and delusions, it replaces this with true perception. In healing, this combination enhances transfer of Reiki energy or the 28 rebirthing process, facilitates release of blockages, and assists with soul retrieval or house clearing. Limonite Chakra: sacral, base, earth Limonite is a grounding and protective stone that stabilizes your life and stimulates your inner strength, particularly when faced with extreme conditions. Affording the physical body protection during metaphysical activities, Limonite guards against mental influence or psychic attack and psychic overwhelm. Marcasite Chakra: base Marcasite expands your metaphysical abilities, especially that of spirit awareness and clairvoyance, whilst providing a psychic shield and grounding you in the everyday world. It especially assists and protects those who undertake houseclearing or entity removal. Menalite Chakra: sacral Menalite reminds us of the endlessly recurring cycles of life and is excellent for rebirth and reincarnation and coming to terms with death. This deeply shamanic stone has been used for aeons of time to journey to other realms and carry out metaphysical work. Many of the stones simulate power animals or the ancient fertility goddess and this nurturing stone provides a durable link to the earth mother, taking you back into her womb. It also assists in re-membering your soul. Enhancing divination and forecasting, Menalite is an excellent stone for reconnecting to the wise feminine and to the power of the priestess. It is the perfect stone for conducting the rites of the passage that mark out the transitions through womanhood. Merlinite Merlinite is a magical stone that holds the imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists, magician-priests and other workers of magic. Its dual colouring blends the spiritual and earthly vibrations together, giving access to 29 the spiritual and shamanic realms. This stone supports during shamanic practices or magical ritual. It aids reading the Akashic record, inducing travel into past or future lives to gain insight on how to live life in the future. Moldative Moldavite has its own cosmic oversoul, which can put you in touch with the Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers. Holding the stone up to the light and gazing into it shifts your consciousness. This stone takes you into the highest spiritual dimensions and facilitates the ascension process. It needs to be grounded or else it can leave you spaced out and rootless. Holding a pair of Boji Stones gently grounds after spiritual experiences with Moldavite and the energies of clear Quartz stabilise its effects. Morganite This stone helps to recognise the escape routes, close-mindedness and egotism that blocks spiritual advancement. It assists in becoming aware of the disregarded needs of the soul. Morganite also aids in recognising unfulfilled emotional needs and unexpressed feelings. Morganite is a powerful stone for dissolving conscious or unconscious resistance to healing and transformation, clearing victim mentality and opening the heart to receive unconditional love and healing. It holds the emotional body stable while psychosomatic changes takes place. Muscovite Muscovite has strong angelic contact. Stimulating awareness of the higher self. this visionary stone links to the highest spiritual realms. Muscovite stimulates the heart chakra, facilitates astral travel and opens the intuition and psychic vision. Muscovite has the ability to allow recognition of the flaws in humanity and at the same time stimulates unconditional love and acceptance. It is a reflective stone, mirroring back and allowing us to recognise our projections. Muscovite then aids in the integration and transformation of these qualities. Muscovite releases tension within the physical body and aligns the subtle bodies and meridians with the physical body, bringing about balance. 30 Nebula Stone Nebula Stone blends the vibration of light carried in its Quartz component into the physical body, enlightening the cells and activating their consciousness. This raises overall conscious awareness, bringing remembrance of the soul’s spiritual roots. Gazing into a Nebula Stone takes you outwards into infinity and inwards into the smallest particle of being. Ultimately, the two become one. This is a stone of non-duality and oneness. Nebula Stone can bring about profound healing at the cellular level of being. Novaculite Chakra: crown and higher crown, opens, energises and aligns all Novaculite hones the spirit and the psyche and creates an intense one-pointed strongly focussed energy beam. This stone has an extremely light and high energy that facilitates angelic contact and multidimensional journeying. An excellent conductor of electromagnetic energy, Novaculite is beneficial for the etheric body and for making necessary amendments to clear dis-ease out of the etheric blueprint. It is helpful in finding the gift in any situation no matter how dire it may seem. The ultimate cord cutting tool, Novaculite glides through blockages and problems, and through the ties that etherically link people together. Used at the chakras, it cuts these cords and heals the site. Nuummite Chakra: past life, soma, opens and integrates all. Nuummite is the sorcerer’s stone. Scintillating flashes assist in seeing beyond the outer façade, and create an inner landscape to be traversed. A protective stone, strengthening the auric shield and effective against pollutants and sorcery, Nuummite helps you to travel with stealth and sureness. It shields from sight and is a useful stone to safeguard your car. This powerful stone has an element of magic that needs to be used respectfully, with right intention, or it could rebound. Nuummite assists in recognising past life contacts and highlights karmic debts stemming from misuse of power, reminding you not to go there again. Placed on the soma chakra it draws karmic debris out of the physical and emotional bodies. With its strong electro-magnetic field, Nuummite quickly restores energy and power that has been depleted by karmic debts, or other causes, and clears blockages including those that are self-imposed, reprogramming cellular memory. Severing 31 entanglements that stem from past manipulation or incantations, Nuummite removes difficulties that arise from another person’s misguided sense of still needing to protect or guide you. Having cleansed the spurious sense of self that derives from those experiences, Nuummite then connects you to your true self. Cutting through to your core, it allows you to reprogram your thoughts and to be responsible for your own protection. At the same time, Nuummite teaches respect and honour, fulfilling obligations and promises that are relevant to life today, encouraging serendipitous synchronicity. This stone aligns the aura with the physical body, and also removes mental implants from an extraterrestrial or magical source. Nuummite should be set in silver, especially for ritual working. This stone works well combined with Novaculite, which provides spiritual guidance as to its use. Obsidian In skilled hands, Obsidian’s cathartic qualities are exceedingly valuable. It provides deep soul healing. Obsidian can aid in going back to past lives to heal festering emotions or trauma that has carried forward into the present. Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity. It provides a grounding cord from the base chakra to the centre of the earth, absorbs negative energies from the environment and strengthens in times of need. It is helpful for highly sensitive people. It blocks psychic attack and removes negative spiritual influences. A large piece of Obsidian can be extremely efficient at blocking geopathic stress or soaking up environmental pollution but its propensity for exploding the truth out into the open has to be taken into account. Many people find its powerful effects overwhelming and prefer to choose a gentler stone for this task. But it is extremely helpful for therapists and counsellors as it not only facilitates getting to the core of the problem but also mops up energies released as a result. One of the gentler forms of Obsidian such as an Apache Tear or Snowflake would be best for this. As Obsidian is so effective in soaking up negative energies, it is essential to clean the stone under running water each time it has been used in this way. Spiritually, Obsidian vitalizes soul purpose. It eliminates energy blockages and relieves tension integrating the psychological shadow into the whole to bring spiritual integrity. It anchors the spirit into the body. 32 Ocean Orbicular Jasper Chakra: heart, solar plexus Meditating with this stone takes you back to reclaim your wisdom or to reframe and transmute misuse of spiritual power at that time. The swirling patterns symbolises the interconnectedness of all things and remind us that nature is cyclical, rhythmical and fluid. Opal Chakra: third eye, crown, soma Opal is a delicate stone with a fine vibration. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. Opal is absorbent and reflective. It picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and returns them from whence they came. It is a karmic stone, teaching that what you put out comes back. Opal is a protective stone in that, when properly programmed, it makes you unnoticeable or invisible. It can be used when venturing into dangerous places, including shamanic work where stealth is required. Orange Phantom Quartz Chakra: base and sacral, solar plexus, third eye, heart. A strongly energising and rejuvenating crystal containing Carnelian, Orange Phantom is overcomes an addictive personality ending the constant search for ‘more’ and focussing on recovery. It enables you to journey to contact your higher self and to access who you really are. Oregon Opal Chakra: throat, solar plexus, heart A highly spiritual stone that carries the vibration of cosmic consciousness and facilitates moving between dimensions, Oregon Opal assists in past life exploration and is an extremely effective tool for releasing old grief, trauma and disappointment. This stone searches out lies, both those from other people and those arising from our own self-deceptions and delusions. 33 Petalite Chakra: Crown and higher crown Petalite opens to cosmic consciousness and aids in spiritual purification. This is a protective stone that enhances meditation and attunement. It takes you to a very calm and clear spiritual dimension from which causes can be ascertained and transmuted. It is particularly useful for ancestral and family healing as it reaches back to a time before the dysfunction arose. It provides a safe environment for spiritual contact or for a vision quest. It activates and energises the process, and at the same time grounds during spiritual activity. This stone calms the aura and opens the throat and higher crown chakras, linking to high spiritual vibrations. It moves you beyond your present metaphysical abilities, linking to the highest levels of spiritual knowing, and facilitates speaking of what one sees during spiritual visions. It can be used to release negative karma and to clear entities from the aura or the mental body. It is extremely helpful during tie cutting as it brings the higher selves of each person into the process and neutralizes manipulation at any level. Carried on the body, Petalite constantly energises and activates all the energy centres of the body at every level. It enhances and energises the environment in which it finds itself. Phantom Quartz Chakra: Varies according to colour. Symbolizing universal awareness and the many lifetimes of the soul, Phantom facilitates transitions. A multi-layered Phantom takes you travelling through many dimensions or into your innermost self, stripping away the layers to reveal your core. Stimulating healing for the planet and rejigging detrimental landscape patterns, it activates healing ability. Accessing the Akashic Record, reading past lives and recovering repressed memories to put the past into context, Phantom takes you into the between-lives state to discover current soul plan and assess the next step, or to access healing the physical body through the etheric blueprint. A Phantom reconciles you to your shadow. Multi-layered White Phantom Quartz considerably expands the transmission light and information between higher realms and the earth, opening the recipient to receive healing across immense distances. White Phantoms have been used for psychic surgery and to remove impacted layers of karma opening the way for the karma of grace to operate and for cellular memory healing to occur. 34 Phenacite Phenacite is purifying and integrating, bring the spiritual vibrations down to earth. It resonates with the etheric body, activates the light body and aids the ascension process. This crystal heals the soul and purifies the subtle and physical bodies to provide a suitable vehicle for it. Its energies are only available to those who have prepared themselves by shifting their personal vibration to a higher level. Phenacite has a strong connection with all the chakras and imparts knowledge on how to heal and activate them all. Pink Crackle Quartz Chakra: solar plexus and heart. A useful adjunct to Reiki healing, facilitating contact with your higher self, this stone can also be used to heal an abused or emotionally damaged child. Peach Selenite Chakra: all, especially solar plexus and sacral Peach Selenite is a powerful cleanser and healer and is the perfect accompaniment for those who are immersed in old emotional trauma and who need to re-view their lives particularly if circumstances have necessitated a trip into the underworld. Drawing out issues of abandonment, rejection, alienation and betrayal, no matter when those occurred, Peach Selenite transmutes the energy into healing, forgiveness and acceptance. Symbolising the transmuting fires of the planet Pluto and the earthy wisdom of his wife Persephone, Peach Selenite is the perfect accompaniment for an evolutionary jump into self-awareness and new life. This is a stone that affords deep insight into the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth and which opens the priestess in every woman. It is perfect for thanksgiving moon rituals at times of transition such as puberty or childbirth. Pietersite Chakra: past life Pietersite is a stone of vision and can be used for a vision quest or shamanic journey. Reminding you you are a spiritual being on a human journey. Centering in the spiritual being, Pietersite has the ability to ground you not to the earth but to the etheric body. This facilitates spiritual journeying, especially to read the Akashic 35 Record and the insights on your incarnations that are to be found there. It works strongly with the body in moving meditations, quickly accessing a very high state of altered awareness. It stimulates the third eye and the pineal gland, accessing the intuition and promoting profound spiritual visions and pre-cognition. It dissolves stubborn blocks and clears confusion. Used in past life healing, Pietersite removes dis-ease caused by not following one’s own truth. It releases mental and verbal conditioning, beliefs imposed by all and any authority figures in the past, and dispels spiritual illusions. It can release you from vows and promises made in other lives that have carried over into the present life. Pumice Chakra: higher heart (thymus) Pumice is a powerful healer in certain situations. Placed over the thymus, it releases old pain held in the heart and gut, and heals longstanding emotional wounds and reprogram emotional cellular memory. Pumice can be used after treatment to cleanse negative energy from the therapist. Pyrolusite Pyrolusite is an extremely useful stone to place in your immediate environment or meditation space. It repels negative energy and dispels psychic interference from any source, strengthening the aura in the process. It can prevent undue mental influence from someone with a strong mind, dissolve emotional manipulation, and provide a barrier to the attentions of those who inhabit the lower astral worlds. Quartz Clear Quartz works on all levels of being. Storing information like a natural computer, these crystals are a spiritual library waiting to be accessed. Quartz has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds. It enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to your spiritual purpose. (See different types of Quartz) Quartz with Mica Chakra: third eye, crown, aligns all This ancient shamanic stone heightens intuition and the ability to act on this in a practical manner. If you wish to sharpen your dreamwork, perception or 36 progression along the spiritual path, Quartz with Mica assists by heightening connection to your spiritual self, facilitating transmutation and connection to unconditional love and enhancing ability to distinguish true intuition from instincts and compulsions of the sub-conscious mind or unconscious longings of the emotional self. Quartz with Mica heightens the energetic response to acupuncture and acupressure. Passing Quartz with Mica around the body identifies and seals the site of energy leakage and transmutes negative energy held in the chakras or aura. It is excellent for cellular memory healing. Quartz on Sphalerite Chakra: base A powerful energy cleanser that removes mental overload, Quartz on Sphalerite facilitates journeying. The Sphalerite component helps you to recognise deceit and to ascertain whether channelled, or other information is ‘truth’ or deception. This stone aligns the etheric bodies with the physical so that information is more readily available. Sphalerite anchors those for whom the earth is not their natural home into incarnation, making them feel more comfortable. Quartz on Sphaelerite helps with gender alignment especially where the soul inhabits a different sexual body from the last incarnation. Rainforest Jasper Chakra: earth, base and spleen Inhaling the aroma of Rainforest Jasper immediately connects you to nature A natural healer, especially for cellular memory, it draws your attention to the action of plant and re-activates herbal healing knowledge from the far past. It passes on knowledge, especially through the female line, accessing ancestral matriarchs to reconnect to the family myths by which they lived. If you are lost at a soul level, this stone takes you back to your roots to re-anchor yourself and reassess your situation objectivity. Rainforest encourages emotional balance and, with its ability to pause the mind, this is a ‘stone of being’ that allows you to move effortlessly back into balance, and to accept yourself as you are without needing to change. 37 Rainbow Moonstone Chakras: all Rainbow Moonstone houses a spiritual being that carries the vibration of cosmic light and offers spiritual healing for the whole of humanity. As with Moonstone, this stone is powerfully attuned to the cycles and phases of the moon and may need to be removed at full moon. Rainbow Moonstone reminds you that you are part of an ongoing, ever unfolding cycle and links you into your overall lives-plan as well as the current lifeplan. It helps you to see the unseen, to intuitively read symbols and synchronicities, and open to spiritual gifts. If you are highly sensitive, Rainbow Moonstone may leave you open to psychic or emotional overwhelm from other people and may need to be removed when in crowd although it can help with insight in the appropriate circumstances. Red Feldspar with Phenacite Chakra: third eye, higher heart, higher crown The spirit of this stone is joyful, reminding you that spiritual evolution and life on earth do not have to be taken too seriously. It accompanies you back into a dream pointing out the deeper implications as you go, reworking the dream to bring about a fruitful outcome. The Feldspar constituent of this stone is extremely helpful in letting go of the past and especially of ingrained mental and spiritual patterns from past lives, reprogramming cellular memory and enabling the Phenacite to open the way to a much more dynamic way of being. Red Phantom Quartz Chakras: base, sacral, solar plexus A useful stone for removing energy implants and healing ‘gaps’ in the aura, this phantom revitalizes the lower chakras and synthesizes these with the solar plexus to support creativity. Releasing emotional pain or past life trauma, it heals emotional dysfunction. Red Phantom imparts tranquillity to your mind and energises the physical body. It heals your inner child by allowing you to feel what had to be blocked out and repressed in childhood in order to survive and to reconnect to your joy – additional stones may be required to fully heal the child. 38 Reversed Orange Phantom Quartz Chakras: base and sacral Orange Phantom offers clarity into one’s own inner workings and into the true meaning of the universe. Helpful in diagnosis as it takes you into the physical body to the site and subtle cause of dis-ease, It is useful when you need to take control of your life or require long term sustenance and vitality. Rhodochrosite Chakra: heart Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for the heart and relationships, especially for people who feel unloved. It is the stone par excellence for healing sexual abuse. Rhodochrosite attracts a soulmate but this may not be the blissful experience one hopes for. Soulmates are the people who help us learn our lessons in life and this is not always pleasant but it is for our higher good. Rhodonite Rhodonite clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past – whenever that might be – and brings up painful emotions such as festering resentment or anger for transmutation. This stone has a strong resonance with forgiveness and assists in reconciliation after long term pain and abuse. It can be used in past life healing to deal with betrayal and abandonment. With its ability to promote unselfish self-love and forgiveness, it helps in taking back projections that blame a partner for what is really inside oneself. Rhyolite Rhyolite facilitates change without enforcing it, assists in fulfilling quests and facilitates knowing from a soul level. It can access karmic wisdom. Strengthening soul, body and mind, Rhyolite is immensely helpful when exploring the full extent of one’s self. This stone facilitates a deep state of meditation in which inner and outer journeys may be made. A useful stone for past life healing, Rhyolite processes the past and integrates it with the present. It brings things to a resolution, no matter where the source may have been and actively encourages moving forward. This is an excellent stone to keep you anchored in the present moment rather than harking back to the past. 39 Ruby Aura Quartz Ruby Aura Quartz cleanses the base chakra of old survival issues and abuse, bringing in passion and vitality, and activates the wisdom of the heart. Spiritually uplifting, it opens to Christ consciousness. This is a protective crystal against aggression and violence Ruby In Zoisite (Anyolite) Ruby in Zoisite activates the crown chakra, creates an altered state of consciousness and facilitates access of soul memory and spiritual learning. It can be extremely helpful in soul healing and in past life work. This stone has the unusual property of promoting individuality whilst at the same time retaining interconnectedness with the rest of humanity. It powerfully amplifies the biomagnetic field around the body. Rutile Chakra: sacral Rutile is often included within other crystals to which it imparts an ethereal vibration that enhances out of body journeying, psychic protection and angelic contact. A powerful cleansing crystal, it purifies the biomagnetic sheath, bringing it into balance with the physical body. Going directly to the root of a problem, Rutile heals psychosomatic dis-ease and pinpoints karmic causes of chronic illness and reprograms cellular memory. Rutilated Quartz Rutilated Quartz is said to have a perfect balance of cosmic light and to be an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth. It cleanses and energises the aura. This stone aids astral travel, scrying and channelling. It facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance. It draws off negative energy and breaks down the barriers to spiritual progress, letting go of the past. Rutilated Quartz is helpful for therapists and counsellors as it filters negative energy from a client, and at the same time supports their energy field during emotional release and confrontation with the darker aspects of the psyche. It gives protection against psychic attack. Rutilated Quartz can be used in past life healing to draw off dis-ease from the past and to promote insights into the events in past lives that affect the present. It assists in moving to a core life to access causes and to understand the 40 results of previous actions. It connects to soul lessons and the plan for the present life. Shift Crystal (Quartz) Chakra: heart, higher heart, third eye, crown and higher crown A Shift Crystal does exactly what the name suggests: it shifts you into a new space and accelerates your spiritual growth. It is the perfect stone to take into meditation or to place under your pillow at night but you need to be ready to take whatever a Shift Crystal offers. There is no going back with this crystal and its effects can be dramatic, traumatic and overwhelming as it shifts you onto your soul path, opens healing potential, and clears the evolutionary way forward. Other stones may be needed to help assimilate the changes it creates in your life. A Shift Crystal can greatly amplify Reiki healing, strengthening healer and patient and can be programmed to carry the symbols during and after a session or to reprogram cellular memory. Shiva Lingam Chakra: base and sacral Shiva Lingam is used to raise and control kundalini energy and to facilitate spiritual evolution. This stone has been sacred for thousands of years as a symbol of sexuality and potent male energy. Excellent for sexual healing, it facilitates union of opposites such as masculine and feminine or body and soul. Suitably programmed, a Shiva Lingam severs etheric sexual connection after a relationship has ceased and removes hooks from vagina or uterus, re-energising the base chakras and opening the way for a new relationship. Sichuan Quartz Chakras: all, connects third eye and crown Energetically combining Herkimer and Tibetan Quartz, and carrying an extremely high, sparky vibration, this Chinese Quartz rapidly opens psychic and inner vision. Harmonizing the subtle bodies with the physical, it bridges energy gaps along the chakra line. This rarified and yet grounded Quartz has a centred energy that passes into the body and the personal self, bringing about deep healing of the aura and etheric blueprint from which the present physical body devolved. Beneficial and insightful if held by a healer or past life therapist whilst working with 41 a client, it accesses the Akashic Record putting you in touch with ancient Chinese wisdom, or highlighting the past life reasons for dis-ease or karmic lessons being dealt with in the present life. Silver Sheen Obsidian Chakra: third eye Silver Sheen Obsidian enhances meditation, it provides a mirror of inner being. It is helpful stone when journeying out of the body as it connects the astral body with the physical body and so brings the soul back. Smoky Amethyst Chakra: third eye, soma, past life, higher heart and throat Smoky Amethyst has a two-way charge that earths and allows access to the highest levels of awareness, focusing powerful energy into the body. An extremely efficient stone for entity clearing, especially at the third eye, this gatekeeper protects against psychic attack and alien invasion, repelling negative energy whilst calling in positive and, placed on the soma chakra, attunes you to your pure spiritual self. Clearing the higher heart chakra and opening the throat chakra, it facilitates expression of your own truth. Raising your vibrations, shielding and screening you from background psychic interference, Smoky Amethyst holds a light while you are working in the shadows or underworld. It empowers you to shift ingrained past life trauma or soul splits and reprograms cellular memory. This stone contacts angelic helpers, assisting with disconnection between those who have previously made a mystic marriage and remain intertwined at the higher chakras. Smoky Amethyst gently disentangles energetic connections, sealing against reconnection. Smoky Citrine Chakra: Earth and solar plexus Smoky Citrine does not hold negative energy, instantly transmuting it. This stone is excellent for enhancing psychic abilities and grounding them in everyday reality and for removing blockages from your spiritual path. It is a useful stone for removing vows taken in other lives, especially those of poverty and chastity. Smoky Citrine clears away any beliefs and thought forms that keep you mired in poverty, opening the way to abundance. This stone purifies the etheric blueprint and removes 42 the effects of detrimental attitudes from the past. This stone also assists you to move out of circumstances or an environment that does not allow you to expand. Smoky Elestial Chakras: base, cleanses all Smoky Elestial contacts beneficial helpers in the spirit world to guard and guide you whilst you travel the multidimensional planes of existence. Protective, grounding and energetically cleansing, this intense stone takes you into past lives to reclaim your power, purify negativity and release from anyone who has enslaved you. It releases karmic enmeshment and magical rituals that no longer serve. Particularly useful during reframing and past life healing, it works equally well in present life adjustments, creating profound multidimensional cellular healing especially combined with Amethyst. A Smoky Elestial is an extremely efficient tool for mopping up negative energy and healing its effects, pulling past life trauma out of the current physical body, and healing the etheric blueprint and aura. This stone cleanses and heals the ancestral line of trauma and emotional pain. Smoky Herkimer Chakra: earth and base. Smoky Herkimer is an excellent psychic clearing tool and an earth healer. It protects against electromagnetic or geopathic pollution and draws its effects out of the subtle bodies. Smoky Phantom Quartz Chakra: past life Smoky Phantom Quartz takes you back to before you left your soul group and links into the purpose of a group incarnation. Assisting you to attract members of your soul group to fulfil your karmic or spiritual task, if negative energies have intervened in the group purpose, Smoky Phantom takes it back to the original intention. This Phantom takes you to before a personal problem or pattern originated reconnecting to wholeness and bringing that forward. Smoky Phantom also accesses shaman or wise woman lives, activating your karmic wisdom. 43 Smoky Rose Quartz Chakra: Heart and higher heart Smoky Rose Quartz dissolves provides a protective shield to allow healing to continue. This beautiful stone keeps your environment pure, quickly transmuting negative energy and replacing it with love. The perfect stone to accompany anyone who is frightened of death or dying, it should be placed by bed or under the pillow. Smoky Spirit Quartz Chakra: base and third eye Strongly protective, grounding and cleansing, Smoky Spirit Quartz promotes multidimensional cellular healing and integration. This stone is a most effective psychopomp, conveying the soul safely to the next world. As it does so, it cleanses the subtle bodies, removing layers of karmic and emotional debris to reprogram cellular memory, ensuring a good rebirth. In a similar way, it is beneficial for any work that entails visiting the underworld or exploring the subconscious mind as it cleanses and releases deeply held emotions and states of dis-ease or traumatic memories including those that have passed down the ancestral line. Such work may need to be under the guidance of a practitioner as it may create catharsis. Smoky Spirit Quartz can be used to stabilise and purify areas of environmental imbalance or pollution no matter what the cause. Snakeskin Agate Chakras: base and sacral With its serpent symbolism, placed on the lower chakras, this stone activates kundalini rise and instigates rebirth. One of the stones of invisibility and a natural shape shifter, Snakeskin helps you to blend in and travel without being seen in both the physical and spiritual worlds and is a useful accompaniment for soul retrieval in the lower realms. It can also lend you the cunning of a serpent in handling devious situations. It is an excellent stone when you need to ‘shed a skin’, clearing negativity and the past. Starseed Quartz Star Seed is reputed to be the perfect crystal for galactic and interdimensional communication. It is also said to put you in close touch with the ancient civilisation of Lemuria. Peppered with indentations that look like a star map, Starseed assists in 44 discovering which star your spirit is associated with. Like an etched crystal, Starseed can be read to rediscover ancient knowledge and your purpose in incarnating. It carries Green Tara energy and can take you to a Shamballah-like state that carries exception clarity and goes to pure form. It connects and realigns to the blueprint that informs the etheric blueprint. Used in conjunction with Sugar Blade Quartz it activates the unmanifest, bringing heart and soul into unity. Star Hollandite Inclusion Quartz Chakras: balances all Star Hollandite brings a depth and stillness to meditation that takes you into the oneness of all things. It is an excellent stone if you want to stimulate contact with the stars, star beings, star lore or universal wisdom. This stone can take you back to view the origins of ancient Egypt and the intervention of the star people in its development. Stibnite Chakra: base, sacral, soma, solar plexus Stibnite carries the energy of wolf, facilitating journeying with this shamanic power animal. In meditation, Stibnite forms an energetic shield around the physical body and is an excellent stone for separating out the pure from the dross, and for releasing entity possession or negative energy. This stone works brilliantly to help you to see the gold in your own centre, and to find the gift in difficult experiences. Assisting in eliminating ‘tentacles’ from clingy relationships that penetrate the auric or physical bodies, especially after physical separation, it can be helpful in tie cutting rituals and past life releases. Stibnite is particularly useful in situations where you find it difficult to say no to a former partner – although, having tie cut, when you next hold Stibnite it may stimulate a situation that tests out that the cutting is complete. Sugar Blade Quartz Chakra: soma Sugar Blade Quartz is the stone for extraterrestrial and star contact, encouraging space ship landings if gridded around a site. If you wish to share the teachings of our neighbours in the universe, or to know which star you hail from, this crystal takes you to a place of communication and connection. If you wish to 45 know about your own true self, place Sugar Blade Quartz on the soma chakra. It will help you attune to the breadth your core spiritual identity and reflect this out to the world. Sugar Blade Quartz carries the life force energy and a hologram of your multidimensional bodies. It aligns to and engages with the ‘I am’ principle and can assist in choosing a life direction, showing which door to open. Sugilte Sugilite teaches how to live from one’s truth and reminds the soul of its reasons for incarnating. It accompanies moving into past lives or the between life state to retrieve the cause of dis-ease. This stone finds answers to all the great questions of life such as “Why am I here?”, “Where did I come from?” “Who am I?” and “What else do I need to understand?” It is a useful accompaniment to spiritual quests of all kinds. This loving stone protects the soul from shocks and disappointments and relieves spiritual tension. It helps sensitive people and light workers adapt to the earth vibration without becoming mired or despondent. It can help to bring light and love into the darkest situations. Super 7 Chakras: harmonizes all Zodiac sign: unites all Reported to have the highest vibration of any crystal yet found, radiant Super 7 is a spiritual powerhouse with exceptional clarity. Shifting the vibratory level of the planet and everything upon it, this stone can be programmed to bring about a radiant future. Many pieces of Super 7 carry a spiritual being within them that links to the highest sources of guidance and inspiration. Never requiring cleansing or reenergising, it supports and heightens the vibration of any other crystal in its vicinity. This stone purifies, balances and energises all the chakras and the auric bodies, aligning them to the most refined spiritual vibrations. Points can be used to pull stagnant energy out of the body, or to grid areas of disturbed earth or community energy. Tangerine Quartz Tangerine Quartz (naturally coated transparent orange) is an excellent stone to use after shock or trauma, especially at the soul level. It can be used for soul retrieval and integration, and to heal after psychic attack. Tangerine Quartz can be 46 used in past life healing and is beneficial where the soul feels it has made a mistake for which it must pay. The soul learns to find the gift in the experience Tanzanite Chakra: all, especially crown and higher crown to base, throat With a high vibration that facilitates altered states of consciousness, inner and outer journeying, metaphysical abilities and profoundly deep meditation, Tanzanite links to the angelic realms, spirit guides, Ascended Masters and Christ consciousness. Facilitating living consciously in the now, Tanzanite opens subtle chakras on the aura to access the next level of spiritual evolution. Downloading information from the Akashic Record, combined with Iolite and Danburite, Tanzanite brings about multidimensional cellular healing. Tanzine Aura Quartz Chakra: higher crown, opens and aligns all. A mystical new Aura Quartz alchemicalised from Indium, a rare metal that falls at the centre of the periodic table, Tanzanite brings about multidimensional balance. Opening and aligning the highest crown chakras way above the subtle bodes, this delicate crystal draws cosmic energy into the physical body and to earth. It has a powerful regulatory effect on the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands bringing about profound spiritual interconnection and physical equilibrium. Tree Agate Chakra: higher heart T his stone assists in making a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature and nature spirits, restoring and reviving vitality and perseverance, and enhancing rapport with living things. Tourmaline Chakra: depends on colour Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all the chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body and affords protection during rituals. Natural Tourmaline wands are useful healing tools. They clear the aura, remove blockages, disperse negative energy and point to solutions for specific problems. They are 47 excellent for balancing and connecting the chakras. At a physical level, they rebalance the meridians. Tourmaline has a strong affinity with the devic energies and is extremely beneficial for the garden and plants. Turquoise Turquoise is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well being for the body. It is a protective stone and has been used for amulets since time began. Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. Placed on the third eye, it enhances intuition and meditation. On the throat chakra, it releases old vows, inhibitions and prohibitions, and allows the soul to express itself once more. It explores past lives and shows how the creation of our ‘fate’ is ongoing and depends on what we do at each moment. Turquoise is a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog, providing protection against pollutants in the environment. It balances and aligns all the chakras with the subtle bodies and attunes the physical level to the spiritual. In traditional thought, Turquoise unites the earth and the sky, bringing together male and female energies. Vanadinite Vanadinite is an excellent stone for people who have problems accepting their physicality. It has a strong connection with the earth chakra beneath the feet. Grounding the soul into the physical body and assisting in being comfortable in the earth environment, Vanadinite guards against squandering energy and teaches how to conserve energy at the physical level. Shutting off mind chatter, it can facilitate a state of ‘no mind’ or be used to consciously direct awareness for psychic vision and journeying. It has the power to open an internal channel within the body to receive an inflooding of universal energy. This energy aligns the chakras and brings the higher self into the physical body, facilitating a deep inner peace. Vera Cruz Amethyst Chakra: all, especially third eye and crown or higher crown. Vera Cruz Amethyst is said to instantly take you into a beta brainwave state, facilitating meditation, trance and spiritual journeying and enhancing divination skills. It is a powerful tool for shamanic working at high levels, facilitating accessing 48 the vibratory planes where souls meet and merge in oneness. The type of Amethyst can bring about profound interdimensional cellular healing. Vivianite Chakra: earth, crown, third eye, soma Vibrant Vivianite is a useful auric cleanser as, with its strong drawing power, it sucks out excess stimulation and negative energy replacing it with peace and calm. It reverses the spin of the crown chakra if required, bringing in a base note and connecting to the subtle body of the earth. This stone is the perfect adjunct to healing visualisations and to ritual working at a distance as it brings the souls together and enhances the effect. Vivianite also works with the third eye also to sharpen intuition and to act as a guide when travelling through the multidimensional planes of reality. Vivianite’s sparkling planes assist with dreamwork, drawing you back into the dream to find a deeper understanding and to rework the dream creatively to provide healing and insight. Wavellite Chakra: past life, soma, heart, higher heart, solar plexus Wavellite is an excellent stone for emotional healing and for clearing the effects of trauma or abuse from the emotional body, whether from the present or previous lives. It facilitates deep soul healing and provides an overview of situations and attitudes that lead to dis-ease, reprogramming cellular memory. This stone assists in maintaining health and wellbeing. Said to be at its most effective at the new moon, Wavellite can be used as a meditation tool at this time to access deep core issues and to intuitively know the way forward. If you need an overview of a situation before making a move, hold Wavellite, which will also assist you to manage challenging situations with ease. White Spirit Quartz Chakra: Crown, cleanses all Spirit Quartz is an exceedingly spiritual stone that embodies all the energetic properties of Quartz. This uplifting stone radiates high vibration energy out in all directions whilst the core crystal tightly focuses healing that reaches multidimensions and reprograms cellular memory. Carrying the gifts of the spirit and enhancing metaphysical abilities, Spirit Quartz assists at death guiding the soul 49 through different dimensions of the afterlife to the highest possible vibration and into the hands of those who are waiting to welcome it home. It provides comfort to those who are left behind, and is excellent for obtaining an overview of any situation. Spirit Quartz can take you to meet the spirits of your ancestors and those of the planet, and can be programmed for ancestral healing. Encouraging insightful dreams, it is helpful in dream and metaphysical work, especially for reframing the past. Carrying the vibration of universal love, this crystal is extremely beneficial in past life healing as it rejigs the etheric blueprint for the present life. Pinpointing significant karmic connections and the gift or karmic justice in traumatic situations, it promotes self-forgiveness. A stone of non-duality that perfectly balances and blends male and female, yin and yang, Spirit Quartz facilitates the transition between different types brain waves, facilitating combination states, and stimulating heightened awareness and psychic perception. Group orientated, Spirit Quartz is particularly useful for those who give service, especially as part of an organisation, as it synthesizes group efforts and can be programmed to bring about productive harmony within members. Facilitating spiritual or healing groups, it provides insights into problems experienced within a community or a family, and can be programmed to alleviate these. Spirit Quartz cleanses other stones and enhances their energy in a healing layout. It stabilises earth energies. Wulfenite At a spiritual level, Wulfenite facilitates moving easily and quickly from the physical level to the psychic, intuitive or spiritual levels. It is said to access the past, present and future and to aid communication with those states. It facilitates contact and communication with the spiritual world, opening a channel to bring spiritual vibrations down to earth. If you have made an agreement with another soul that you will meet up in the present life, Wulfenite facilitates recognition of that soul and attunement to the reasons why you arranged to meet. It bonds the souls together whilst the purpose or lesson is carried out and then releases when appropriate.Wulfenite is a stone which can be used for white magic, supporting and enhancing ritual working and journeying, and regaining magical knowledge which one had in other lives. This knowledge can then be put into practice in the present. Such knowledge may come from the temples of ancient Egypt or Greece or from the more recent past. If someone has suffered at the hands of the orthodox church for 50 beliefs connected with magic, then Wulfenite helps to heal the experience, making it feel safe to practice once again. Yellow Phantom Quartz Chakra: Third eye, crown, past life and solar plexus Yellow Phantom assists the mind to recall and reorganise memories and thought patterns. This Phantom efficiently removes mental attachments created in this life or any other. Youngite Chakra: solar plexus, heart Youngite accesses different plane of consciousness, taking you to a space without thought where souls meet and merge. From this space it links to other planes of existence touching supraconsciousness and all that it offers. Excellent for inner child work, Youngite reconnects to the joyous, innocent child that lies within everyone and the creative power that child offers. Healing wounds from childhood, Youngite is useful in soul retrieval and reintegration work as it gently coaxes back childish soul fragments that split off through joy or trauma




Reference: Judy Hall text

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